Joy Villa, A Very Public Metamorphosis


Joy Villa, the daring, ultra-sparkly artist that exploded into our reality, thanks to her Trump dress, is considering a run for Congress.  President Trump congratulated Joy in a tweet and the Internet went berserk.

Many echoed President Trump’s sentiment but not all.  There are many Patriots who question Joy’s sincerity.  Joy has been called a fraud and shill for the Church of Scientology because she posted a video where she credited Scientology teachings with a positive turn in her life.

Joy’s life is nearly an open book.  One only has to Google her or visit her YouTube channel to see her journey.


There are videos where she talks about body building, The Law of Attraction, identity politics and anything that went on in her life at the time.

Several of the older videos are dark, perhaps too dark for Christians.  It looks like Villa explored questions about faith through her music.

Her appearance has undergone several changes.

“Shy” did not apply to her…

In spite of her non-conservative past and until her mention of a possible run for Congress, Trump supporters embraced her.  Her music registered record sales and she became a powerful voice.  Joy’s sparkling, positive personality earned her spots in Fox News.  Below is a Fox Business tweet where Joy Villa speaks about The Emmy’s and Hollywood.

Joy Villa began to shed her chrysalis to metamorphose into a more conservative appearance.

Capitalizing on her fantastic psyche, Joy posted this attention grabber, where she claimed to be thankful that she had been “red pilled and reborn” in time to help vote for President Trump.

She began to post Christian themed tweets more often.

While still very much an artist, Joy seems aware that a person running for Congress needs to be able to discuss the issues.  Here she asked her followers which issues, that she supports, mattered the most to them.  This is smart because she could later use the results to shape her talking points.

Joy asks for donations as a way to help her “test the waters.”   She has promised that if she doesn’t run, she will donate the money to Trump’s campaign in 2020.

I cannot judge whether Joy is a true Christian or not because I am not one.  I can, however, sympathize with her in her current predicament.  Christians are coming out an masse and judging her.

I was baptized Christian, I carry intellectual knowledge of Christianity but it never resonated in my heart.  I struggled with the question of faith for years.  I even shared with two people in Twitter, back in 2015, that I was not a Christian.  I asked them not to tell anyone because I had seen how Christians could be vindictive (Other faiths can too so don’t take this as a slam on Christians alone).

Anyway… no one can ever say that I have tweeted or retweeted anything that calls JC “Lord” or anything similar.  Several people became angry at me and began a slander campaign when I “came out of the Jew closet”   Maybe Joy is coming out of the “Christian closet”?

Joy’s sudden embracing of Christianity is not new.  I have heard of and seen people who appeared to become strong believers overnight.  They called themselves “born again” and I understand that all the sins in their past were forgiven.  These people also struggled with their faith for years.  Perhaps this is a test for Christians to see if they’re truly forgiving?

Whether Joy is a true Christian or not, that is for Christians to decide.  Her connection to the Church of Scientology matters to me only because she denies or tries to downplay it.  Reality is that her life is still very much tied to Scientology.


Joy is a “work in progress”  I used her fan mail as an example that her life is very much tied to the Church of Scientology but that changed in 24hrs. 

Until yesterday, her fan mail went to an address that comes up as belonging to the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre International in California.


The domain name was procured in 1997 and is maintained by someone in WA.


Today, I noticed this post by Vinnie James, one of her strongest opponents. 

It looks like Joy Villa changed her fan mail and manager.  Her former manager, Mitchell, is a Congress Lobbyist for the Church of Scientology.   Today, it shows Robbie Olson as manager.


I will not go over what Scientology is or whether money given to her will go to the Church of Scientology.  Google’s most often searched terms show me that the Internet is most definitely looking!



My concern about Joy Villa is not about religion but about issues.  Until recently, all her videos were about “Joy” – she was determined to be noticed and reach stardom and she did.  I like and respect her tenacity.  However, I worry that a run for Congress may be “too fast too soon”

We expect those who run for Congress to have a track record on social issues.  I only found one video, back in 2012, where she helped in a fundraiser for Haiti.  I have not found anything in which Joy participated to help US citizens.  Joy only began to speak about America after that magnificent stunt with the Trump dress propelled her into the national narrative.

I find Joy Villa articulate and charming but lacking in meaty matters, like issues.  Patriot’s worry about a possible run for Congress may be premature. Joy is barely 26 years old.  She could run for House Representative but not Senator.


The Future:

Joy Villa’s journey is far from over and we truly do not know “who” will Joy be in the future.  I am certain that she will continue to be amazing and engaging.  If she truly wishes to run for Congress as a senator, she has four years to prepare.

Joy may not be Senator material but she is a smart girl, time will tell.  If anything, Joy is living proof that we, The United States, should have serious discussions about term limits and candidate’s qualifications before they can run for any public office.

Update November 2, 2017:

Joy Villa posted a Twitter “Moment” which shows as a series of tweets in this site.  You will find my comments after the last tweet.

Comment to Joy’s Twitter Moment:

Joy continues to be engaging, sharing painful memories of abuse, wrong choices and how she returned to conservative values and her faith.  Joy also mentioned several initiates that would help show that she has indeed been interested in social issues, before she embraced Trump.

Joy stated that at 16 she was Lompoc City counsel member.  I researched the city of Lompoc, CA and found and article after she wore the Trump dress but nothing about her being a council member.  I decided to call the city.

I explained to the clerks that I am writing an article about Joy and needed to verify one of her statements.  Joy’s name did not ring a bell with anyone with whom I spoke – not even because of the Trump dress.  I explained to them that Joy has become very famous, appears in national media and has expressed desire to run for congress.

None of the clerks could verify that Joy had participated in civic duties. I was told that no, a person cannot be a council member at 16 but that they do have a council youth commission.

I understand that my request was sudden, so I left my name and telephone number and asked if, please, could someone call me back. I suggested the perhaps they might want to look into their records because, should Joy truly run for congress, other people will want to check her background. (November 2, 2017 5:52 p.m. I received a return call from the Lompoc City Clerk and she verified that Joy Villa had indeed been appointed member to the Lompoc City Youth Commission on June 2001.  Part of the criteria for earning such appointment is a clean background and good character) 

Joy also mentioned the Unstoppable Foundation  a California based charity that helps children in Africa have access to education.  I could not find records of Joy being part of the foundation other than the gala photo.  The foundation is legitimate.  Furthermore, what is truly impressive about this group is that they post a financials’ audit page.  Joy’s claim of having traveled to Asia remains to be confirmed.

Conclusion to this second update:  Joy continues to be engaging  but she has become a polarizing figure with strong opponents among the Patriots.  My advise to Joy is not to embellish her past and to make sure that all her claims can be verified.  Joy did not address the metaphorical elephant in the room and completely ignored the most polarizing part of her past for her opponents, her association with the Church of Scientology.

Joy needs to hear the Patriots.   Even though there is no religious test for public office, that does not mean that people will not use religion to guide themselves at the booth.   If Joy continues to downplay her association to the Church of Scientology it will make her look suspicious.  There are citizens journalists all over the place now – they will look and dig and expose anything questionable.

I am secretly rooting for her because, why not?  It would be such a wonderful journey of redemption and success – as American as apple pie.  However, because we cannot afford to be fooled again – enough with the swamp already – I must be ruthless when checking her claims.


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When Twitter Ignited Because The Boy Scouts Were Going To Allow Females


Twitter is aflame with the latest controversy and, as usual, I have to take a closer look.

NBC News posted an article where it states that: “Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls, Allow Them to Earn Eagle Scout Rank”  and Twitter folk shared it.

I saw tweets, comments and watched people become progressively more and more outraged at the thought of boy scouts knitting Pink-pussy hats, all the while, I felt that something was off with the story.

newslistabout Boy Scouts

A quick search on “Boy Scouts” didn’t help much – all I got was very similar titles and photos of “manly” little boys in uniform.  Now I had to read the articles.  It didn’t take long to see that something was indeed off with the story but it was not the journalist’s fault (this time) Most outlets made it clear that girls ~could be admitted to Cub Scout dens but that those dens would be single-gender.


I decided to look more into the Boy Scouts of America.  Yes, I found a lot of controversy but also found something else – they already have female inclusive programs called Venturers, program for the older kids.



Yes, the program has been around for a while and, no, they do not seem to knit pink pussy hats.  Friends, I believe that this whole controversy may be due to two things:

  1. The Boy Scouts of America is a business and needs to prop a sagging membership.
  2. We allow ourselves a knee jerk reaction without reading the article

I hope this helps relieve some stress from the few of you that will read this article.





I Struggle With Yom Kippur This Year

Below is the traditional Yom Kippur message and I find that I cannot post it with a clear heart.  “To those I may have wronged…” but what if those people wronged me first?

I make an effort to not offend the innocent.  If I perceive that I have come across as insensitive or offense, I apologize immediately.  I have absolutely no problem accepting responsibility for my actions, even if my error was unintentional.

No, I struggle this year because those who are angry at me were supposed to be allies but they sided with a criminal who swore that he would make me die day by day.  This was over a year ago and I believed that I had left that situation behind.  The issue refuses to go away.

The criminal was exposed and he deactivated his account.  He ran but his minions and other fake accounts remain.  I had warned him, back on January 2016, that I saw what he did to women and that I would report him to the FBI, if I ever got proof.  Of course he denied it.

I tested him, I went along with his game and loaned him money.  He re-payed his debt to me but I would have nothing to do with him again.

While I had tried to protect the patriots against him, they worked with the criminal to have my account suspended.  They blocked me out of groups, slandered me and scared people against befriending me.  They chose to believe a foreigner, whose identity they could not verify, over a US Army veteran.

I have a VA rating for PTSD in addition to injuries.  I absolutely loved the Army and always felt pride to be able to defend this country and protect its citizens.  The Army didn’t give me PTSD –  people in the Army did.

Over two decades ago, I stood by myself when everyone turned their backs on me.  I drove myself to the hospital, in labor and then raised my son by myself.  No “live-in boyfriends” nothing – truly by myself.  Stubbornness and faith carried me through.

Last year’s Twitter situation reminded me of those years and brought a lot of sadness back.  Worst part was to see how the criminal used my rating against me and Patriots agreed with him.  I was called “mentally unstable”  I have a rating of PTSD, for goodness sake, do you think people get that because they’re happy all the time?!?  Of course I’m going to have a nervous breakdown in my past!!  I may write about how that happened sometime.

The point is that I cannot ask forgiveness from people who hate me because I did not die or I did not go away.  The criminal is back under another account and he is moving  to try to befriend Patriot females.   Remember that man scammed women of several thousand dollars.

The insane, truly stupid thing is that those who supported him before continue to try to turn people against me.  They have looked for anything to criticize me, such as,  at one time I posted rock music, then switched to Jewish music – I’m on a journey…I’m learning…I’m discovering…I am not a boring person, deal with it.

So…here is my Yom Kippur 2017 message:

To those who took actions against me, if you are still angry or fearful, may I suggest you look into a mirror to find the source.  I wish you luck.  When I raised my hand, many years ago, I swore to uphold the Constitution and protect you.  The oath does not require me to put up with your crap. 

To the rest of you, please forgive me when I have come across as careless, my “drive-by” group visits, or failure to express gratitude for your friendship.

To those I have helped, I wish I could do more. 

To those who have helped me, may G-d shower you with blessings.  Your support means a lot to me. 

To those I could not help, please forgive me, I’ll try to do better.

G’mar Hatimah Tovah. 


Yom Kippur Without Guilt,  On Memory, Remorse and Returning: